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Here's My First Roxie & Velma Video! I Hope Everyone Likes It, it's A Bit Crappy...=/


^_^ Lemme Know What Everyone Thinks While I Figure Out How To Put It Up So People Without YouTube Access Can See It!

Video Info:
 It Has A Mini Story To It, But I Mainly Wanted To Make A Video Because I Felt Like The Song Lyrics Fit Well.

Velma reads Roxie's diary and breaks the lock. Roxie doesn't notice until near the end of the video and then Velma reveals she read the diary and knows how Roxie feels about her.

Intro Song: Don't Go - Yazoo

Song: Gunnin' - Hedley

xxxxx Jessi

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Keep The Community Alive!

Hey everyone I'm Jessi.

I adore Roxie & Velma (Relma or Voxie depending on whichever you prefer guys :P) and I looked and saw the last post to the community was over a year ago. So I thought I'd post an entry introducing what I hope to bring to the Community if I can figure out how to work this website out (I recently joined ;D).
So here's what I plan to do:

Write Fanfics!!! :D   ~~Currently Working On:  'The Hidden Number'~~
Make Icons!
Make Backgrounds!
Make Videos Of Relma For YouTube (I'll Post Links) ^^ 
And just generally hope to keep the community alive and also get everyone thinking about considering Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger as a couple themselves ;)

Well, I hope to update soon and nice to meet all the fellow fans!! :D xxxxxxxxx

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First post and fanart! <3

Weeeelp, this comm seems to be pretty dead.  Not surprising, considering the movie is getting old, but I've jumped on the bandwagon a little late, y'see.  I saw it just last month and completely fell in love with it.  However, it wasn't until a couple of viewings later that I really started to feel the Roxie/Velma vibes.  It was then that I knew I had to do fanart.  XD


Go check it out, if you like!  Heh, if anybody's out there.  XD  Here's hoping that maybe the comm will get a little jumpstart for a while.  ;D
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Newbie w/ icons and fic

Hi everyone. I'm new here and thought I would say hi. "Hi!"

Also I thought I would send through the 5 Roxie/Velma icons, 1 banner, and a fic I wrote a while back. Everything is under the cut below.

Icons and banner: These are nothing new and have been posted at a bunch of places. The second icon came from the banner. The banner was the first thing I ever made in ps and I had no knowledge of croping or anything else. The lyrics on the third icon come from the song "If Walls Could Talk" by Ceilene Dion. The fifth icon was I think the last thing I did before the ps trial ran out so there obviously isn't much too that. If you want to use that one as a base feel free. You can snag anything you like just please comment, credit, and don't hotlink.

Fic: Has been posted at fanfiction.net so you may have read it before.

Title: Forever

Author: Gumdrop

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don’t Chicago or anything to do with it, this is just for fun please don’t sue.

Summary: (Velma/Roxie) Femslash…Roxie remembers…This takes place during and after the movie.

Author’s Notes: This is a song fic to Michelle Branch’s "All You Wanted". Lyrics are in italics. I was actually in the middle of writing another Chicago fic when this little plot bunny bit me in the butt. It’s my first Chicago story, and my first slash story. I hope I do both justice. Now on to the story!

Icons, banner, and Fic are behind the cut.Collapse )

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I couldn't help but notice that this community has very few members and is rather quiet at the moment. Now, I think this has the potential to be a great, active community, so I've been thinking of ways to gather more members. I have a friend who makes codes/link buttons, like this one...
...and I'm sure she'd be more than willing to make some for this community. Then we could send them off to various Chicago sites [I know there's a Roxie & Velma fanlisting that's looking for affiliates], and watch the members roll in, haha.
Tell me if you think it's a crap idea - it's just a suggestion.
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supercute girlfriends


I thought it might be a good idea to list all the reasons *I* think the Chicago movie suggests sexy things are going on backstage:

1. "Keep your paws off my underwear." Hee hee!
2. The idolizing way Roxie is staring at Velma in the beginning when she's fantasizing about being the star herself. Yeah, we all know she wants to be up there in Velma's place, but wanting to be someone that badly and wanting to do them get kind of mixed up sometimes.
3. At the end when they wind up "together", at least in a business sense, they've got their arms all over each other and look buoyantly happy. And how's this: "You can even marry Harry, but mess around with Ike", and if you look at their reactions to the "mess around with Ike" bit, they've just turned toward each other and smirked heavily. Hee!
4. The other random lesbionic things about the movie: Mama acting like she's about to jump Roxie AND Velma and probably everyone else, which doesn't surprise me considering it's a prison movie. And the fact that the whole thing is full of jiggling breasts and jutting hips but is so anti-man that nobody who's XY could comfortably enjoy it all :P I mean, all the men who got whacked "deserved it" in the movie. I don't believe in that kind of black-and-white logic in real life.

Anyway, it's also HAWT so who cares about reasons, right? ~_^ Feel free to add your own. I'm curious! ^_^
supercute girlfriends

Some Renee Zellweger trivia

Apparently she got married yesterday!? Wow. To a country singer. Well, I wish her the best of happiness.

She is apparently very supportive, by the way, of gay marriage rights:

...which makes me happy.

Sorry for the spamming, by the way, but since we have only two or three members at this point I don't think anyone will clobberize me *g*